From now on I am making four commission slots available on my website per month. This way it is easy for customers to see that commissions are available and possible. However, if they are sold out please contact me and I'm sure I will find space! 


My general commissions start at £300 for a piece around 15cm x 20cm in size, but I do make exceptions for smaller, BW line work pieces.  If you are interested in a smaller, simpler piece choose the 'small' option for £200 and we can discuss the rate.


A commission can be anything from a stylised portrait of a loved one, to a full tattoo design, to a personalised painted set of Russian Dolls.  I have helped people with their logos, designed T-Shirts and illustrated book covers.  Almost anything is possible so please get in touch if you have an idea - if you'd rather email me first to discuss the possibility of a piece before purchasing that's absolutely fine, just get in touch!


*Please note that the cost of some commissions will go up in price if the idea discussed is larger, more detailed or more complicated than my average piece.  




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